圣佩德罗二世 groundbreaking highlights connections to San Antonio’s technology 工作force

圣佩德罗二世 groundbreaking highlights connections to San Antonio’s technology 工作force

圣佩德罗二世将于2026年1月开放.. 所有渲染图由Overl和|Gensler提供

2023年10月19日 世界杯官方app庆祝了圣佩德罗二世的奠基仪式, 也被称为创新, 创业, 和职业发展, 周三晚上在圣佩德罗溪文化公园有一个互动活动. 该活动表彰创新者和企业家, while marking the building as a new connection between 世界杯官方app 和 San Antonio’s tech industry during 圣安东尼奥创业周.

Attendees were asked to name an innovator or entrepreneur to honor at the ceremony as they each placed a floating globe in the creek. 出席会议的有比尔县法官 彼得酒井法子 圣安东尼奥市长 罗恩Nirenberg他们在活动期间都发表了讲话.

”在一起, 世界杯官方app的目标是开发圣佩德罗一号, 圣佩德罗二世, 西南校区是一个令人兴奋的学习机会, 为贝尔县居民提供合作与创新,酒井说。. “This new building 和 programs it hosts will make Bexar County an even better place to 工作 和 live.”

“The groundbreaking of 圣佩德罗二世 is another exciting milestone towards 世界杯官方app’s vision to exp和 our downtown footprint.”

Several public leaders 和 community members celebrated the groudbreaking of 圣佩德罗二世 in Downtown San Antonio.

圣佩德罗二世 also represents that latest progression in a long-term vision for San Antonio, 根据Nirenberg的说法.

“Today marks another milestone in the achievement of a vision we could not even fantasize about 15 years ago, 那就是有一个主要的一级, 卡耐基认可的大学位于圣安东尼奥市中心,他说. “我们到了。, 在小溪上, 哪个是我们知道的水道汇合处, 形成生物科学, 这就是生命发生的地方, 当生物碰撞时. The collisions that will be happening in our community because of this new school cannot be overstated.”

圣佩德罗二世 will allow 世界杯官方app to draw on the broad opportunities that exist in San Antonio to address the city’s pressing 工作force needs, 将世界杯官方app学生与体验式学习和职业参与机会联系起来, 和 to provide training to prepare students for careers in interdisciplinary fields such as 网络安全, 计算机与数据科学.

The 工作 that this facility will house will build on San Antonio’s reputation as a high-technology hub, Nirenberg补充道.

“This building is going to make our city a great spot on the map when it comes to innovation 和 entrepreneurship, 新技术, 网络安全, 所有我们想要成为世界领导者的事情,他说. 他说:“这栋大楼和大楼里发生的事情将是其中的重要组成部分.”

先进的商务设施, 教育和职业准备, 圣佩德罗二世 will offer students additional interdisciplinary 和 collaborative programs in business, 计算机工程, 硬件/软件开发与科学通过沉浸式, 体验式学习和专业发展机会. 无缝集成到世界杯官方app市中心校区扩建, 圣佩德罗二世 will 工作 in t和em with academic programs 和 research collaborations in 网络安全 和 data science offered across San Pedro Creek in San Pedro I by the 世界杯官方app数据科学学院国家安全协作中心该酒店于2023年1月开业.

“圣佩德罗二世 will greatly amplify our rapidly growing data science 和 网络安全 programs next door at San Pedro I—creating even more opportunities for career-engaged learning 和 connectivity between our academic 和 business communities,世界杯官方app主席说 泰勒Eighmy. “我们坚定地致力于劳动力和经济发展, 和 collaboration that will take place inside both buildings will advance that commitment by fostering new knowledge creation 和 growing the talent pipeline for our city, 区域及其他地区.”   

The new building will be constructed on l和 purchased from the county to revitalize this historic area of downtown, which includes the recent redevelopment of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park 和 future Continental Hotel revitalization. San Pedro I 和 圣佩德罗二世 will anchor 世界杯官方app to San Antonio’s prospering high-tech corridor 和 serve as a catalyst for economic 和 community investment in the San Pedro Creek area.

“The groundbreaking of 圣佩德罗二世 is another exciting milestone towards 世界杯官方app’s vision to exp和 our downtown footprint,” said 世界杯官方app Chief Enterprise Development Officer 和 Senior Vice President for Business Affairs 维罗妮卡萨拉查. “作为我们在市中心战略投资的一部分, this building serves as an important connection between the existing 世界杯官方app downtown campus 和 San Pedro I as we create a corridor along Dolorosa Street where Roadrunners can learn, 工作, 建立有意义的教育和文化联系.”

San Pedro I 和 圣佩德罗二世 are part of larger placemaking efforts to connect classrooms 和 meeting spaces inside with the outdoor venues, 沿着小溪的公共艺术和绿色空间, 创建一个支持学生和社区的生态系统.


Designed 和 constructed through the partnership of Overl和|Gensler 和 Turner Construction, 圣佩德罗二世预计是180岁,项目总成本为1.31亿美元. With a focus on indoor/outdoor connections 和 reconfigurable spaces for multipurpose use, the building will be designed with innovation 和 adaptability in mind to serve 世界杯官方app students, 在未来的几十年里,市中心的教职员工.

新大楼的建设预计将于2025年10月完工, 该建筑将于2026年1月对学生开放.


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